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For Hypnotist on Practices




By: Author: RenyVaras (R-10)


He is a Certified Instructor and Consultant Hypnotherapist, Chicago, USA. Owner of CEPAHIET. Center of Certifications Int`l Expert Hypnotist.

 Unique Center of International Certification for Professional Experts.



Technique accepted experimentally for every hypnotist in practice. It is a progressive relaxation technique, which involves a combination of psychic and physiological functions. It must be presented and explained to the client during his Pre-Talk.

Purpose: A type of practice in which the therapist and the participant observe the different psychological reactions to a physical and mental condition. Achieving the student or client self-control of their mental state in the different positions of their physical body. This is a technique of use recommended for every hypnotist in emergency situations, timely or given moments.

The meaning of staggered is used when applied to an induction organized and distributed in a gradual manner and applied to the subject by the hypnotic operator. Starting with standing posture, then sitting, lying, sitting and finally standing again. During this trajectory the subject must sit or stand guided by the therapist in each position throughout the procedure.

The initial process model is available at the request of the interested party at

Equipment required for this practice:

  • a) A reclining chair with a max. 150 º.
  • b) An audio or video recorder.


Pre-Talk.- Apart from the preparatory conversation, the therapist will proceed to deliver information about the process to be followed within this stepped induction.

Process: There are 5 steps to follow during this induction: "A" Standing. "B" Sitting. "C" Laying down. "D" Sitting and "E" Standing.

Delivering instructions to the subject

1.- De piè en Stance "A":

In this position, level one suggestions are delivered. This prepares the client to then take the sitting condition. The subject is asked to sit in the chair that is available as indicated during the pre-talk.

The suggestion levels begin with the alert state, trance level ONE, to receive instructions at the conscious level.

At this level, the hypnotic operator instructs the subject on the technique of the "blind spot of consciousness" and directs the subject to remain in that semi-unconscious link when he or she is standing. (Process)

2.- Sitting Posture "B" .- In this position, (after the instructions in "A" position) the subject is asked, with his eyes open, to feel. "Helped by the hypnotist who takes care that the subject does not lose balance, taken from an arm". Next, we proceed to the necessary suggestions for the induction of a hypnoidal trance to a light trance. 3.- Resting Half Posture "C" .- In this position, the hypnotic operator adjusts the chair so that the subject is in the half-lying position (not completely horizontal). EYE: without the subject having to stand up. In this position the trance levels are carried out: 4, 5, 6. The certified and qualified therapist would proceed with the hypnotherapy and pre-established instructions.  4.- Sitting posture "D". After the previous position, the client is returned to the sitting posture. In this condition, we proceed to the progressive induction to the states of hypnotic trance levels, 4, 5, and 6, and where the post hypnotic suggestions indicated in the Pre Talk would be delivered if necessary. 5.- Standing posture "E". The subject is returned to the Foot posture to take it to the ALERT level with the reinforcement of the post hypnotic suggestions in the Post-Talk.

Instructions to the therapist.- You must ensure that the subject is fully alert and awake, under complete control of himself before leaving his office. The therapist can ask one or more questions to the subject after 2 minutes of the session. For example: Where did you leave your car? Where are you going after you leave the office? . It is recommended to record an audio or video with the answers of the client supposedly awake and in control of himself. Save this information for a future professional record.Cases: There have been cases that allow the subject to leave the office in a drowsy state. This, when leaving, crosses in the semi-conscious street and is run over by a vehicle.----------------NGH Certified Instructor and Consultant Hypnotherapist, Chicago, USA. Owner of CEPAHIET Center for Certifications Int`l Expert Hypnotist. 2015/2017Courtesy of CEPAHIET. Chicago USARegister with time for your 2018 certification. With; // 

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